fleece – “Present Pleasures”

fleeceSelf-Released January 9th, 2013

Genre: Ambient Electronic

Graham Tucker is a guy that enjoys making music for the sake of making music. His latest release, Present Pleasuresis a collection of thirteen of his most recent songs, and though he’ll tell you he wasn’t trying to go in a certain direction with the album, he certainly does. His last multi-song release, mesmer, dropped over a year ago, and he’s done a lot of things differently since its release. The most striking difference is simply the duration of the songs on this new album – while it used to be rare to hear a song of his go past three minutes, many of the tracks on Present Pleasures spend plenty of time playing out their ideas for a little while. The length of some of these songs is the reason for another of the great things about this album – despite some busy beats at times, the album is a great trip into ambient music. He meditates on a certain section for several repetitions, slowly adding layers of melody (something he’s taken a greater focus on in this album, than in ones previous) and voices (all of the voices are his, being digitally manipulated in some way or other.) All in all, the album flows from song to song, and creates not only a collection of songs that are smooth and relaxing on their own, but an album that plays a lot like a live, uninterrupted deejay set.

Songs I Liked: Terrible Things!!!, Eyes on The End!, If I Could!!, We Don’t Belong Here!!! (really strange, but great), Routine Season!, Mixtures!, Distances! (not very dancy, but very soothing), Copy!!, Apotheosis!!

Check out Fleece Music on Facebook

Download the whole album for free (for now)

Hear him at the University of Kentucky Student Center, January 22nd – 8 PM

– Ben Southworth

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