Jim James – “Regions of Light and Sound of God”

Jim-James-Regions-Of-Light-And-Sound-Of-God-608x604Released February 5, 2013 – ATO

Genre: Lonesome Indie-Pop

For those of you familiar with what is arguably Louisville’s biggest band right now (My Morning Jacket) you’ll probably be aware that Jim James isn’t your standard musician. He has, on this debut solo album of his, found a way to capture his signature sound and surround himself with nothing but it – it is a solo album, after all. This singular influence of sound not only lends itself to a great cohesion, but at the same time creates, at times, a immensely lonesome feeling. It’s as if James has traveled back in time to craft this sound that he himself describes as coming from “a different place in time… Perhaps sounding as if it were the past of the future.” This is certainly an accurate description, but it sounds like he doesn’t know a soul that resides in this new time he’s found himself in. None of this is to say that the music lacks a sense of identity or direction – the haziness it creates is mesmerizing and something incredible to experience. If you dig My Morning Jacket, this is certainly a must listen.

Songs I Liked: State of the Art!!, Know Til Now!!!, Dear One!, A New Life!!!, Of The Mother Again!, Actess!, All is Forgiven!!, God’s Love to Deliver!!

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– Ben Southworth

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