Tiny Tiny – “Gravity Works Her Magic”


Self Released February 16, 2013

Genre: Lo-Fi Indie

I don’t know much about Boone Williams, but I can tell you that he’s from Somerset, KY and that he has put out four albums in the last nine months. This latest album, “Gravity Works Her Magic,” is a lot like the rest of what he’s done – lo-fi, sedate, distant-sounding, indie music. For fans of Modest Mouse’s earlier stuff, it’s got a very similar sound, both vocally and in atmosphere. Boone rolls from one song to the next, playing all the instruments himself – guitar, bass, drums, and multiple vocals. There’s something to be said about prolificy in song writing though – while many would exhaust their ideas by releasing over forty songs in a year, Tiny Tiny has gotten better. His lyrics are stronger, his instrumental chops have improved, and whatever recording process he uses sounds better on every album. He’s got a knack for creating a very specific atmosphere, and he does it best on this latest release.

Tracks I Liked: Take the Time!!, Coyote!!, 1952!, Earthly Delights!, Accidentism!! (the same as track 3, with a  smoother intro,) Highwire!

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– Ben Southworth

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