Hair Police – “Mercurial Rites”


February 6th, 2013 – Type Records

Genre: Terrifying industrial noise

I’ve been given a lot of noise music since becoming the “Local Music Director” at WRFL, but the grandaddy of Lexington noise music has got to be Hair Police. Revered as pioneers of the American underground noise scene, this group – made up of Mike Connelly, Robert Beatty, and Trevor Tremaine – is one of the most important players in the genre. So, having remained pretty quiet since 2008, it came as a large surprise to Lexington and the rest of the noise-music-loving world when they suddenly released a record at the beginning of February. While I generally regard myself as pretty thick skinned to most music, upon my first listen I found myself mentally uncomfortable with what I was hearing. The group does not rely on loudness to create this feeling of weight and dread, but instead combines their sounds into a mass of some of the most ominous and foreboding sounds you’ll ever hear. And at the same time, though it’s made up almost entirely of electronic sounds, the album retains a sort of “acoustic” sound to it, and plays as if you’re hearing them play through this stuff live. Everything about this album is harsh – from the inhuman vocals to the titles of the tracks themselves – but there’s something mesmerizing to it all. Give this a listen if you’re feeling brave; it’s one of the most challenging and striking listens I’ve had in a long time.

Tracks I Liked: The Crevice!, Thief’s Spring!!, Dilate and Inhabit!, Dusk Misplaced!, Scythed Wide!!

Listen and find out more: 

Hear the album

Read another great article about the record

– Ben Southworth

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