Old World Heritage – “Live at Natasha’s”

2840535877-1Self-Released May 1st, 2013

Genre: Acoustic/Folk/Singer-Songwriter

It’s true that I’m a sucker for acoustically tinged music – I’m more likely to play it on my show at WRFL, I’m more likely to write my own music in this style, and I’m more likely to listen to it in the first place. That said, I feel confident in saying that I have a pretty decent ear for what constitutes “good” folk music. If you’ve been paying attention for the last few months, you might recognize the name of this group – they released a four song EP in February, one that I enjoyed quite a bit. On this live album – as well as that EP – the songs employ little more than guitar, piano, and vocals – hardly a new idea when it comes to instrumentation. I imagine, then, what sets their music apart from others is the energy that their songs contain. Tatum and Schaper have excellent voices on their own, but do a pretty excellent and authentic job of harmonizing with one another. The guys know how to push and pull in their dynamics, and manage to make music that is nearly always beautiful sounding – more importantly, they understand that beautiful isn’t synonymous with slow and uninteresting. Between my love for folk music and my disposition towards live recordings (darn you, WRFL-Live!!) I really enjoyed listening to this set – these guys are talented songwriters, instrumentalists, and singers. Add this to the chatter of Natasha’s Bistro, some backstory between songs, and the innate timeliness and honesty that comes from a live album, and you’ve got a great mix.

Tracks I Liked: Lost in Translation!!, Coyotes Singing Opera!!!, Never Make A Promise!, Hold it High!!, Untitled!, Tomorrow’s Lullaby!

– Ben Southworth

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