Apartment Four Collective – Volume 2

a1091381918_2Released June 8th [Apartment Four]

Genre: Various

If you recall, back in December, Warren Byrom and friends released a seven song sampler of holiday tunes. That album was done in collaboration with Apartment Four, the same folks responsible for this one. Unlike that Christmassy collection that had a certain endearing sound of folkiness and relative lo-fidelity throughout, this compilation features artists from several genres of music. It’s front-loaded with a pair of electronic tracks, heads through some acoustic, rock, blues, hip-hop, and more – giving the collection a variety in sounds and moods. But much like that release from December, Apt. 4 is staying in line with one key thing – they’ve brought together several musicians to create an album that hopes to benefit a local charity. Though it’s hard to say whether the musicians on this album were ever all in the same room (while a handful were recorded at Apt. 4, several were recorded and submitted by the artists) they’ve all convened at the idea of helping out a good-doing organization – this time Seedleaf. Moving beyond this, the music isn’t just a cheap collection of mediocre music to drum up a little money for a good cause – though there’s a wide array of sounds, they’re all of high quality and great musicality. The tracks that were recorded on-site at Apt. 4 have a wide variety of sounds and tone, and show that the folks behind this project have more than just charitable intentions in their wheelhouse of abilities – they’re able to capture music effectively. If you’re wanting a great array of local musicians, and want to feel philanthropic at the same time, I’d recommend grabbing a copy.

Find out more about Apartment Four.

Learn about Seedleaf.

Make your way to Louisville for the album release party – July 8th | Diamond Pub Concert Hall

Ben Southworth – June 6th, 2013

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