Cherry Crush – DEMOS EP

Scuzzy Shoe-Gazea3748465189_10

Pacific Trash – February 25th, 2015

The debut release from Lexington’s Cherry Crush is a reverb-drenched set of five songs that sounds like its from a different decade than ours. The first track is “Ludlow,” a grungy instrumental with a mid-tempo drive of rich guitar sounds, that fades out, leaving only the echoey feedback of the lead guitar. “Okay” is a bit more up-tempo from the previous track, and introduces some vocals – they’re placed well in the mix, and give the song a nineties-esque feel. My favorite song here is the third track, “Nothing Left,” which bursts into things from the very beginning – it’s written a little like a punk song, and if it were without all the reverb, it would probably pass pretty well for one. “Freeze” is a super-spacey track, and has nearly all the front cut off of the guitar sounds, making for an awesome shimmery mess of a song (the bridge has a nice ear-bending feel to it, too). The EP ends with “Ride,” which instantly sounds like the sonic love-child of an old 45 and a warbly cassette tape – it’s a cloudy, slow-burning, lo-fi track that ends with an almost total wash of noise. This song, and the rest of the album, sounds a little like listening to a band playing in a cave, except that you’re standing outside the cave, while the band plays somewhere further down in it. If you’re into shoe-gaze and reverby guitars, this would definitely be something to pick up – I’m especially excited to hear how it sounds on tape.

Tracks I Liked: Ludlow, Nothing Left, Freeze, Ride

Ben Southworth – March 21st, 2015 – Maxwell and Hagerman

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