Matt Duncan – “Tell You What I Know”

a4271595027_16Funky Soul Pop

Self-Released – September 16th, 2015

Current New Yorker by way of Lexington, Matt Duncan, announced last Wednesday that he’d be putting out a free track twice per month – each first and third Wednesday at least “until he runs out of ideas or time, or the world ends.” The first of these tracks is the first new music I’ve heard of his since his widely-beloved LP from 2013, Soft Timesand it sounds and feels a lot like the Matt Duncan you may have heard before. It opens boldly with a few fairly bright chords before stepping into the first verse – “if I let it all go, what would there be left for you and me.” If there’s anything that I miss from this track, it might be due to the lack of horns, but it’s made up for with some really nice harmonized vocals that almost imitate horns at different points in the song. The electronic piano sound (maybe it’s an organ of some kind?) adds a nice texture and groove, and sits prominently in the arrangement. The opening chords are reprised in the bridge, allowing for some nice interjection of guitar before spilling back into another chorus – the chorus is simple on this track, but it’s a good one that got stuck in my head. The track as a whole is great, and while it certainly fits the feeling of music that Matt has released before, it seems to be a slight shift into an even more soul-flavored genre.

Best of all? Duncan has the music on his Bandcamp, and it’s free to download (as the single’s art might suggest) – you can stream it from the player below, or download it here. If Matt sticks to this whole ‘first and third Wednesday’ thing, you should be expecting another new track on or around October 7th.

Ben Southworth – September 24th, 2015 – Kenwick Place

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