New Bravado – Sun and Moon

a0858742385_10Fuzzy Psych Rock

October 2nd, 2015 – Gubbey Records

New Bravado is a band that I’ve only heard a song or two from before this album – I remember seeing them among the other forty-five songs on Gubbey’s Head Cleaner Vol. 1&2 from late 2013. Otherwise, the band’s sound is new to me, and their music is a refreshing find. Though the music on Sun and Moon is wrapped thickly in psychedelic influence – warped guitars, reverberating vocals, and fuzzy bass – the songs don’t get lost in themselves. Even tracks like “Vacant,” which employs some nearly disorienting chord changes, never quite come untethered from their direction. Though the guitars, synths, and effects have a way of manipulating the listener into getting lost in the sounds they’re generating, the bass and drums stay steady and anchor the tracks before the band in full jostles you back into their forward motion. There are hints of prog-rock and even some blues here, too, but for the most part the record keeps itself rooted in steadily moving psych rock – though the arrangements might get a little dense at times, the songs remain light and agile. If you’re a fan of rock music in any form, I think this should keep you interested – Sun and Moon is inventive and intricately crafted, but it remains accessible and easy to pick up.

Tracks I Liked: Sol Similar!!, White Jesus!, Vacant!!, Adelaide!, Bit By Piece!, Sun and Moon!

Stream the Album Below:

Ben Southworth – October 17th, 2015 – Park Avenue

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