Insect Policy – Wolf Brick River Dirt Train Moon

a3565686915_10Harsh Heavy Rock

November 6th, 2015 – auralgamiSOUNDS

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Insect Policy’s most recent release – where their former EP was sparse at times and full of harsh avant-noise, Wolf Brick River Dirt Train Moon feels thicker and is full of brutally harsh motion from the get go. The first two tracks complement each other in some way – “Power Container”chugs along with some serious groove, while “After Ghidaro” is a dark mixture of sludge and doom – both ending with the line “we will never see land again.” “The Importance of Banishing” picks up the pace again with pointed, angular guitars before dissolving away with a wash of noise and screams. The second half of the EP opens with “The Sound of Tumult,” a freer, noisier, somewhat calmer track that offers a break from the unrelenting drive of the first three tracks. “Zero Weather” features a noisy violin and guitar duet for much of its duration, but by the two minute mark the dissonance gives way to something really beautiful between the two instruments. The final track, “Atlantic Ocean,” opens in a somewhat similarly pleasant way – buzzing guitar drones, french horn, and mandolin (I think?) provide a distant sounding backdrop for calm, subdued vocals to bring the album to an unexpectedly calm close. Wolf Brick River Dirt Train Moon is not the album that I thought it would be – it travels through some real grindingly harsh stuff before turning over with a few truly pleasant and relaxing tracks to finish. I certainly haven’t listened to an album that does anything quite like this EP, and it’s well worth the seventeen minutes it takes to take this trip.

Tracks I Liked: Power Container!!!, After Ghidaro!!, The Importance of Banishing!, Zero Weather!!, Atlantic Ocean!!!

Ben Southworth – January 6th, 2016 – Kenwick Place

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