Satellite Twin – ‘extended cassette single’

14369968_1214613525268334_30199722943073127_nHigh Speed Rock and Roll

Gubbey Records – September 30, 2016

A few Fridays ago, Satellite Twin put out a new cassingle, simply titled ‘extended cassette single.’ The cassette features a couple new original tracks, as well as a cover of “Push” by The Cure (though it’s not available via streaming services). These songs go by quickly, so I’ll try to be quick, too.

“Ignitor” fades in, falling into its groove almost immediately – fleshed out with fast moving drums, thumping bass, and bent notes on guitar. The vocals come in with a shout, lasting for less than a minute before the instruments take back over, carrying the song to a quiet, ambient outro. The second track, “Shock,” sounds a little more like the songs on The Mechanical Hearts EPtheir great release from last year. It’s divided into a few more distinct sections, and has a little longer to play out than “Ignitor.” The emotional highlight of the song is around the 4:10 mark – a shouted bridge with all instruments driving forward before leading right back into a reprise of the track’s intro without a moment of hesitation. As a whole, the songs here are a little more intense than the tracks on The Mechanical Hearts EP,  and they seem to get to the point just a little more quickly. The recording sounds even better here than what I heard their prior releases, too – it’s really nice to have a couple new really solid songs from Satellite Twin.

Tracks I Liked: Ignitor!!, Shock!!!

Ben Southworth – October 16, 2016 – Kenwick Place

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