Twin Limb – Haplo

haplo-cover-900-1474493017Colossal Dream Pop

Suretone Records – October 28, 2016

Just about a year ago, Twin Limb gave people a taste of their sound with the release of the EP, Anything is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense. A lot of dream pop might get written off for being too delicate, but that’s hardly the case on Haplo. The songs here sound massive and are beautifully orchestrated, defying the idea that they’re being created by just three individuals – let alone that one of the main textures you’re hearing is the accordion. For the most part, these tracks play in three minutes or less, packing in a great deal in a short time. “Long Shadow” is set at a medium pace, showing off Guthrie’s powerful voice and the textural finesse of Bender and Ratterman. More uptempo is “Gold from Teeth,” which explodes with noisy, crashing guitars upon reaching the second chorus, showing off the darker side of the band’s sound. The album’s longest song (and my favorite) is “Sutro Baths,” a patient six-minute crescendo that layers on more instruments and intensity as it plays out – the track reaches a gorgeous climax right before it hits five minutes. Haplo is well worth the listen, and Twin Limb seems like a band to keep your eye on over the next couple years – given the sounds on this record and their upcoming tour with fellow Louisvillian, Jim James, it’s hard to imagine people wont notice them.

Tracks I Liked: Long Shadow!, Red Sun, Sutro Baths!!, Gold from Teeth!, Aine, Monolith

Ben Southworth – November 13, 2016 – Kenwick Place

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