Dad Shorts – Slight Concussion

a3752877421_10Grungy Garage Punk

Self-Released December 21, 2016

Dad Shorts are a four-piece DIY punk band from Lexington, Kentucky – Slight Concussion is the second of two five song EPs the band released in 2016. Opening the album is a patient instrumental track, “Will Feral Children,” that introduces the sound of each musician (minus the vocals that energize the later songs), locking into a groove through the end of the song. “Tension in the Chicken Kitchen” starts with some light drums and cool-headed guitar work, before the vocals burst the song open – the punchy verses are reminiscent of grungy indie work from ten or fifteen years ago. My favorite of the EP is “Slipper Staring,” whose vocals overall are less intense than the song before, but fall in step with the guitar rhythms – the song slows down after a couple verses, before emerging at a higher tempo and energy. Last on the EP is “Musician,” a fiery, and seemingly politically-charged track with a unique rhyme scheme in its verses. Give a listen to Slight Concussion it’s a well-produced, quick listen, that ebbs and flows in intensity over its short course.

Tracks I Liked: Will Feral Children!, Tension in the Chicken Kitchen!!, Slipper Staring!!!, Musician!

Ben Southworth – January 29, 2017 – Kenwick Place

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