Ezra – Dog Days

a0284028602_10Experimental Indie Rock

Self-Released February 5, 2017

Lexington’s Ezra may look like your standard three-piece band, but the sounds on Dog Days show a little more than that. The album is made up of eleven great tracks (even the quick, palette-cleansing transition tracks like “Apathy,” “Lethargic,” and “Detachment” are good enough to make you wish they were longer) and show a large range of sound-output ability for the small group. “Silhouettes” stands out as the obvious single for the album to me – it’s a catchy, fast-moving track that explores (quite successfully, I’d say) some crunchy guitar dissonance during the chorus in a way that you might have heard in the earlier days of Radiohead. Immediately following is “Reaching,” a song at a lower intensity complete with soothing background vocals and a nice, simple guitar solo that hits all the right notes. “Realize” is a sweet, light track, and another highlight of the album – the summery, shimmering guitars and relatable chorus of ‘soon enough we’ll both realize, our timing just wasn’t right’ make it a memorable standout. The penultimate track, “Bones,” is a change of pace from many others on the albumSynth bass and muted drums lend a soft, almost sad color to it, and the last iteration of the chorus – fleshed out with extra vocals and guitar sounds – is moving and flushed with texture. As a whole, Dog Days is solid from front to back – it is constantly moving forward, wastes no time, and the smart use of harmonic dissonance sets up some great moments of release and arrival – it is well worth a listen.

Tracks I Liked: Left Behind!, Silhouettes!!!, Reaching!, Realize!!, That Night!, Bones!!

Ben Southworth – February 20, 2017 – Kenwick Place

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