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Ellie Herring – “Kite Day”

ellieherring_072313_medium_imageReleased July 23rd [Race Car]

Genre: Ambient Electronica

It’s been a great summer for producing music if you happen to be Ellie Herring. After first releasing her eleven-song collection of remixes last month (a very strong release in itself,) she’s put out another cluster of previously unheard tracks. Kite Day is named for a day in her elementary school years where students were allowed to go outside and fly kites, but more importantly refers to her father’s taking of time the day before to teach her how to fly one. The music, too, has a feeling of the fogginess that surround my own – and perhaps your – childhood memories, flowing around lazily from section to section, song to song. She traverses every texture available – putting massive amounts of reverb with the vocals, panning synths and pads with precise intention, and stirring in sharp drum beats to give a certain amount of busyness to the sound that that borders on, sometimes stumbling into the territory of trance music. Unlike Potion Shop, Kite Day originates entirely from music she wrote herself – though it is tail-ended with three remixes of songs from this album. Not surprisingly, the songs chosen to be remixed are also the ones that stick out initially as most accessible, and are done well themselves. This is the kind of music that necessitates sitting down with a decent pair of headphones or speakers and simply allowing oneself to get lost – Ellie has made that an easy thing to do here.

Stream Kite Day here.

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Ben Southworth – July 30th, 2013 – Cedar Creek

Ellie Herring – “Potion Shop”

a3978865550_10Self-Released June 18th, 2013

Genre: Trance-y Electronic Remixing

I’ll admit, this is my first experience listening through an entire Ellie Herring album, and this isn’t even her music. Or is it? Without much experience with her stuff to compare it to, it’s tough to say – with some experience with the music that has been remixed, it sounds like it’s got to be her music, at least in part. The album takes upbeat songs that were meant to be danced to – music from tUnE-yArDs, Le1f (who was in town for last year’s Boomslang Festival,) even Janet Jackson – and turns them into breezy sequences that make them sound much more like trance music than they did in their original states. That said, the hooks from the original songs are largely retained and the personalities of each artist is allowed to shine through – each song does this in a way unique to the artist whose music is being remixed. Herring, then, just adds her own style – largely by attaching tastefully-busy drums, cascading synthesizers – taking out some of the intensity, and leaving the listener in a trance. Potion Shop is a collection of remixes that Herring has done in the last couple years, but with an upcoming album of original material coming next month, its release is admittedly well-timed. As one of Lexington’s favorite artists, the sounds on this album bode well for what’s coming up in July with Kite Day.

Give these tracks a listen – Janet Jackson’s If, Social Studies’ Terracur, Le1f’s Wut, tUnE-yArDs’ Gangsta, and Ladytron’s Melting Ice.

– Ben Southworth – June 18th, 2013

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