About the Editors

adamAdam Standiford – Contributing Writer

27 / aspiring folkhead / resident chaplain

Adam resides in Lexington and works full-time in Mt. Sterling.  His interests include music, exploring local food joints, and window shopping online.  Deep down in his heart, Adam dreams of producing music for artists, running a podcast, and supporting a music publication; all of which contribute to his ongoing effort to have more productive pastimes.




Ben Southworth – Editor-in-Chief / Contributing Writer

23 / GleanKY fundraiser / trombone aficionado

Ben splits his time between all sorts of organizations, hobbies, and other time consuming endeavors, including (but not limited to) the following: Development work with GleanKY, music, beard-growing, working on a record label, and of course, writing for The Iron Post. He’s becoming increasingly more fascinated by the work that goes on behind the scenes in the music biz, and is falling always more in love with his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.

DJMDylan Matthews – Senior Production Manager / Contributing Writer

21 / Music Education / musician / amateur sound engineer / vinyl enthusiast / Christ Follower

Dylan enjoys quick power walks on a dirty beach, spending weeks alone in the 9 foot hole he dug two winters ago, BOGO sales at Payless shoes, watching the first 3 minutes of Angry Beavers episodes, jamming to Nick Cannon records, and writing things about himself.

None of the above is true.

In actuality, Dylan is just really passionate about music (writing, recording, sharing, listening, collecting, performing, composing, etc.) and would love to hear what your musical passion is whilst sharing a couple of Ale8’s!


  1. Cameron

    These guys know their stuff. It might help if they had a bigger emphasis on Chris Daughtry though.

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