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Abraham Mwinda – Dreamer

a0305908585_10Sanguine Afropop

Self-Released January 2, 2017

Abraham Mwinda who now resides in Lexington, Kentucky was born and raised in Kenya – he’s now known in our community for his optimistic songwriting. The twenty-one tracks on Dreamer are relentlessly positive and upbeat – ranging in subject matter from love and loneliness to empathy and the importance of family. Though the album is long, it manages to stay moving for its duration – the first half is particularly good. The first full-length song on the album is the big-sounding, catchy pop song, “Love Come Alive,” which is full of lots of percussion (and percussive melody) that will undoubtedly find itself stuck in your head. “Revolution” sits on top of a reggae beat, and the vocal work of Mwinda, guest Jessica McKenney, plus the background voices make it a lush, beautiful track (and my favorite of the album). Following immediately after is “Cold World,” another very strong song that asks questions about the need for war, and how love can change the world – the track grows patiently into a pretty massive song before it runs its course. The rest of Dreamer shows off plenty of talent – that of Mwinda and the album’s many collaborators – all of which maintain the momentum even through the later songs. The production quality of the album is more or less impeccable, which stuck out to me almost immediately, and makes the album all the more enjoyable. If you’re in need of something positive and uplifting (and that sounds great), Abraham Mwinda provides just that on Dreamer – give it a play.

Tracks I Liked: Love Come Alive!, Revolution!!!, Cold World!!, One in a Million!, There is Hope!!, What If?!, Yelele!!

Ben Southworth – January 22, 2017 – High Street