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Cheyenne Mize – “Among the Grey”

cheyenne_mize_among_the_greyReleased June 25th, 2013 [Yep Roc]

Genre: PJ Harvey-esque Folky Rock

Among the Grey is the second full length album by Louisville’s Cheyenne Mize, and serves as a sturdy and confident declaration of musicality for the young musician. Though known most for her abilities on violin, the majority of the album finds itself channeling a much larger array of sound – several songs reach some pretty intensely thick textures with several layers of instruments. The recording process comes close to being visible, and the intentionality of recording each song – sometimes each instrument within those songs – in a different manner throughout several rooms of a Louisville church makes each song a unique statement from the rest. Mize’s voice is clear, distinct, and commanding as her arrangements rattle through beneath lyrics that ask questions and make statements that are equally likely to be addressed to society at large as they are to be to herself. The music feels insightful and exploratory in ways that nearly anyone can appreciate and relate to – the turn-of-phrase/two-sided-look between “Whole Heart” and “Heart Hole” is equal parts clever and meditative, and much of the rest of the album manages to ride this same line.

There’s an emerging upper-echelon of nationally known and recognized Kentucky musicians – including the likes of Jim James, Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore, and Will Oldham. With collaborations and contributions to the works of the latter three, and a solid album in Among the Grey, it’s no coincidence that Cheyenne Mize is on the path to joining their ranks.

I Liked – Among the Grey!!, Whole Heart!!, Through the Window Pane!, Have You Seen!!!, Give it All!!, As it Comes!!, Wouldn’t Go Back!!!

Stream the album from NPR’s site

Ben Southworth – June 29th, 2013

Upcoming Music to Look Forward To

I imagine that this is a topic I’ll be blogging about more than once – especially as it seems like I hear about plans for a new album to come out almost every day – but here’s the first installment. Let me tell you about a few local albums that I’m looking forward to.

And you should be too!

Englishman – Unsafe & Sound

a2016412069_2If you read the blog very often, you’ll know that I’m particularly fond of acoustic/singer-songwriter music. In fact, it’s what first drew me to Englishman’s eponymous LP. Since my first impressions of his first album – which was both a uniquely and beautifully recorded piece – my tastes have changed quite a bit. I’ve retained my love for the “easy-listening” that made up much of his first few releases, but have also learned to get excited for stuff with a little more grit. From the sounds of the first-released track on this upcoming EP, it sounds like English has too – there’s heavy synth-basslines and distorted guitars all around, things that definitely didn’t make it onto his first albums. That said, his recognizable sound and lyric-writing are both still strong here, and I’m very excited to see where he’s going with the rest of the songs. That, plus artwork from Robert Beatty (that I think is somewhat different from the image to the left,) as well as a few other things, make this a really exciting release.

Hear “More Than Insects” –

Warren Byrom & Fabled Canelands

251270_160358687363450_269526_nA lot like Englishman, Warren Byrom and the Fabled Canelands were one of the first groups from around here that I got into – both of them are still favorites of mine. Though I’m not super sure what exactly it is that Warren and the boys have in store for us, from the last couple of times I’ve heard them – I think it’ll be good. Warren has been hinting around (and downright telling us) that they’ll be going into the studio to record eleven new songs within the next month. If I heard him correctly at his show with Joan Shelley on Friday, they’ll be doing their work at Shangri-La – Duane Lundy is a talented engineer, and Warren, Jose, Seth, and Robby have all got no shortage of chops. If you liked their first album, one that did a great job of sounding clean, while retaining the energy of their live performances, I think that this upcoming release will be great as well.

Hear their first album, “The Fabled Canelands”

In addition to these two, there’s some more that are on their way – I’d write about them now, but I don’t know much about them at the moment – I’ll have some words about them soon!

  • Mayonnaise – 7-Song Demo
  • The Rough Customers
  • They Yearn For What They Fear
  • Cheyenne Mize – Among the Grey
  • Everyone Lives, Everyone Wins
  • And yes… The WRFL-Live! Summer 2012 Compilation (keep your eye here and on our Facebook page, I promise we haven’t forgotten about it!)

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, and there’s always more to come, so I ask you this:

“What local releases are you looking forward to??”

– Ben Southworth