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Various Artists – White Power is for Dummies

a1869556177_10Underground Lexington Sounds

Desperate Spirits – November 28, 2016

What a great response to the ‘dumpster fire’ that has been 2016. With the emboldenment of white power this year, a strong, unified response against it can be a source of hope. Here are twenty bands and musicians with ties to Lexington lining up behind the cause of rejecting this notion of bigotry and malice.

The sounds on the compilation are pretty far-ranging, though electronic music (in many forms) runs through it as a common vein. Ainsley Wagoner contributed “Deep Water,” a soft, folksy track driven by soft synthesizers and a clear voice – a few songs later is “Mia Zapata” by Vegan Death, a melodic indie rock song with a touch of grunge in the guitars. Jeanne Vomit Terror channels a dark, thick, heavy, industrial mood on “Youth Infection,” which is a favorite of mine – it’s chased immediately with the short, spacey ballad, “No One is Inside You,” by The Silver Masked Tenor. Auto Delta Time and Dr. Midnight put forth a story about a house in Michigan set to an aggressive beat – TFC follows right after with a lengthy, soft slow jam about the death of a great-uncle. “Little One” is a beautiful, dark, quiet track by Frigid Kitty with a thick texture – the compilation is closed by Carl Calm’s inventive arrangement on an Idiot Glee track.

For those that like Lexington and its music, this should be a great listen. That said, I’d imagine event the most ‘plugged-in’ local music lover will find a lot here they hadn’t already heard – the compilation shows off several musicians that don’t commonly release their music in recorded form. Go here and pay for a copy (proceeds benefit the Anti-Defamation League), and find something new.

Tracks I Liked: (All of Them, but Especially) Ainsley Wagoner (“Deep Water”), Vegan Death (“Mia Zapata”)!!, Jeanne Vomit Terror (“Youth Infection”)!!!, The Silver Masked Tenor (“No One is Inside You”), Auto Delta Time + Dr. Midnight (“Air Ranch”), TFC (“The Bike”)!!, Frigid Kitty (“Little One”)!!, Idiot Glee + Carl Calm (“Life Without House”)

Ben Southworth – December 11, 2016 – Kenwick Place

D’arkestra – “Ghost Town”

3812825534-1Self-Released October 31st, 2012

Genre: Experimental Jazz-Fusion

I’m a bit behind on writing this review, but when I received this album, I was immediately excited to just listen to something for the sake of listening to it (a rarity nowadays, haha.) Lead by saxophonist Drew Miller – who has also shared his talents with Lucky Pineapple and Another7Astronauts – the album is a great bit of experimental jazz, and the influences of these bands can be heard in this recording. Whether the track features vocals or not, the song is allowed to play out before the band introduces the next idea. The album’s title track is probably the best on here, as it accomplishes all sorts of good things – instrumentally, vocally, structurally – and shows off the jazz training of the band members quite well. The rest of the album moves along like this, with a dizzying sound that staggers along, but never gives the feeling of falling over. It’s recorded very well, and if you (like me) are a little slow on the uptake of this local talent, I’d certainly recommend checking out.

Tracks I Liked: Jazzist!!, Halogen!, Ghost Town!!!, Ghetto Boo… I Miss You! (nice and funky), Squares and Squares!!, Boogaloo!

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– Ben Southworth