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Cereal Glyphs – Cereal Glyphs

a0108716917_10Fuzzy Poppy Rock

October 16th, 2015 – auralgamiSOUNDS

Cereal Glyphs is the product of Louisville’s Andy Myers – a series of ten songs written, recorded, and performed only by him. Reading through some stuff written on this album by the talented and prolific folks over at Never Nervous, there were a lot of comparisons of this project to the sound of Ty Segall, and I think that’s definitely an apt description. My own interpretation was that it comes in sounding a lot like something influenced by John Dwyer and his projects, Thee Oh Sees and Damaged Bug – maybe with some Stephen Malkmus thrown in too. The album is spilling over with a thoroughly DIY aesthetic, but for all the grunge and fuzz, the album is equally full of pop sensibility, catchy hooks, and creative melodies. The guitar imitates and acts as counterpoint to the vocals at several points throughout the album – a technique that I’m particularly a sucker for, and something that serves to add a significant amount of depth and craft to the music. If you’re wanting something a little more laid back, you can try songs like “Siren Stalker” and “The Well.” Need a little more intensity? Take a listen to “Dead Beat,” “Count the Night,” or the 30 second “Gralehaus Fried Chicken” (these three songs make up the middle of the album, and are all spectacular). Cereal Glyphs might seem like a pretty unassuming album at first glance, but it is certainly a really good one – I’ve enjoyed listening to it every single time I’ve gone through it as much as I did the first time. Congrats to Andy on recording something this great as a solo project, and to auralgamiSOUNDS for yet another killer release.

Tracks I Liked: Siren Stalker!!, Instagram!, Dead Beat!, Count the Night!!, Belly of the Snake!!, The Well!

Ben Southworth – November 20th, 2015 – Park Avenue

New Bravado – Sun and Moon

a0858742385_10Fuzzy Psych Rock

October 2nd, 2015 – Gubbey Records

New Bravado is a band that I’ve only heard a song or two from before this album – I remember seeing them among the other forty-five songs on Gubbey’s Head Cleaner Vol. 1&2 from late 2013. Otherwise, the band’s sound is new to me, and their music is a refreshing find. Though the music on Sun and Moon is wrapped thickly in psychedelic influence – warped guitars, reverberating vocals, and fuzzy bass – the songs don’t get lost in themselves. Even tracks like “Vacant,” which employs some nearly disorienting chord changes, never quite come untethered from their direction. Though the guitars, synths, and effects have a way of manipulating the listener into getting lost in the sounds they’re generating, the bass and drums stay steady and anchor the tracks before the band in full jostles you back into their forward motion. There are hints of prog-rock and even some blues here, too, but for the most part the record keeps itself rooted in steadily moving psych rock – though the arrangements might get a little dense at times, the songs remain light and agile. If you’re a fan of rock music in any form, I think this should keep you interested – Sun and Moon is inventive and intricately crafted, but it remains accessible and easy to pick up.

Tracks I Liked: Sol Similar!!, White Jesus!, Vacant!!, Adelaide!, Bit By Piece!, Sun and Moon!

Stream the Album Below:

Ben Southworth – October 17th, 2015 – Park Avenue