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Tiny Tiny – Tiny Tiny EP

artworks-000142265511-uye5ve-t500x500Calm Electronic Indie

Self-Released January 11th, 2016

I first heard Tiny Tiny back in 2012 after Somerset’s Boone Williams released Leave Me With Today. That album was quiet and had a very DIY sound to it – much as if it had been recorded in Williams’ bedroom. Somewhere over the course of the last three or four years, Tiny Tiny has expanded to include the talents of a DJ // producer: Nick Coleman of Melbourne, Australia. Perhaps due to this, the overall aesthetic of Tiny Tiny’s music changed drastically from what I last heard (2013’s release, Gravity Works Her Magic, was aurally similar to Leave Me With Today), and the style has become quite different, too. Not only is the production on Tiny Tiny much more polished and clear, it’s much more in the vein of downtempo house music than the light indie that preceded it. What hasn’t changed is Williams’ singing, as well as the overall laid-back, calm feeling of the music – it might have electronic beats and synths, but they’re tastefully subdued. The EP is quite short – only three songs – but each of the three songs shows a slightly different sound from the others. My favorite of the three, “Movies,” starts slowly and quietly, but ends up having the most momentum of the group by the time it’s run its course. It’s always interesting to see an artist’s sound evolve over the course of time, and Tiny Tiny has certainly taken a confident step in a new direction with Tiny Tiny. 

Tracks I Liked: Curve of the Earth, Drive!, Movies!!

Ben Southworth – January 17th, 2016 – Kenwick Place