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Absalom Absalom – Movers & Shakers

moversandshakers-1Self-Released: December 7th, 2012

Genre: Art-Rock/ Dream Pop

One of Lexington’s youngest bands is also one of the most talented, and AA’s newest album is another powerful step in the right direction for the band. Having seen them open for The Pomegranates (a personal favorite band of mine from Cincinnati) my perception has been to strongly associate them with each other. The bands share an affection for light guitar distortion, heavy reverbed vocals, and busy drumming, something which both pull off quite well. But where Absalom sets themselves apart from the Pomegranates is in the tone of their music – unlike the latter, Absalom usually finds themselves exploring the subjects of their songs in a more serious manner. Though there are sometimes tracks that possess a upbeat, poppy sound, the tone of the album is usually a pretty serious one. For being the younger of the two bands, this is both surprising and impressive, and what’s more impressive is how they are able to keep this idea of seriousness going without seeming whiny or over the top. This album in particular is artfully recorded and thought out, with transitions making this one of the better albums I’ve heard come out of Lexington in a while. Enjoy these songs, as they aren’t straightforward 4-5 minutes of music, but an attempt to create an artful way of storytelling – something I think they’ve certainly achieved here.

Tracks I Liked: Riverdog!, Bachelor!!, North Fields, Apricity!, Movers and Shakers!!, Kids Are Coming Back!!, Yonder Love!!! (Absalom Absalom pull out all the stops on these last three tracks, they are a great end to an album!)

If you’re interested in Absalom Absalom, hear the album and find out more:

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– Ben Southworth