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Dream the Electric Sleep – Beneath the Dark Wide Sky

dtesProgressive Post-Rock 

Mutiny Records – July 22, 2016

Back in my days of hosting WRFL-Live! – during which time I hosted somewhere around fifty or sixty bands – I distinctly remember Dream the Electric Sleep as the loudest. Though the band is made up of just three musicians, Matt Page, Joey Waters, and Chris Tackett create sounds that are not simply big, but complex, nuanced, and beautiful. Further, the production on Beneath the Dark Wide Sky showcases how in-sync the three are with one another. The songs here choose texture and melody over speed – this isn’t the sort of prog-rock that tries to blow your mind with a sheer number of notes played. Instead, they let the rhythm subdivision propel the energy in their songs, so that while they may not ever feel fast, they do feel massive and unstoppable. “Let the Light Flood In” is maybe the album’s most accessible and is primed for radio play with a catchy, impactful chorus. My favorite of the album is “Culling the Herd” – seven minute track, complete with a rich chord progression in the chorus, and a word-painted bridge whose tonality and repetition cleverly mimic the lyrics ‘when you fall you fall hard, from the top down to the bottom, there’s nothing to stop.’ As an album, Beneath the Dark Wide Sky is expertly produced and performed, and full of colossal, beautiful, well-structured songs that are difficult not to be mesmerized by.

Tracks I Liked: Let the Light Flood In!, Flight, Hanging By Time, Culling the Herd!!, The Last Psalm to Silence, The Good Night Sky!

Ben Southworth – September 11, 2016 – Kenwick Place